A new, effective non invasive therapy that can be performed by the patient on an outpatient basis or in the comfort of their own home.

TMR®, THERESON makes the benefits of Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance available in a compact, lightweight and extremely easy to use medical device.

The TMR® system is designed to be used directly by the patient at home, without the help of a medical professional. The sessions do not require special dressings or preparations, the patient does not need to undress or remove bandages, plaster casts or braces.

All the controls are clear and simple so that anyone can use them, as no special training or familiarity with the technology is required The data on therapies conducted using TMR® can be sent to physicians, thus allowing continuity of care to be maintained between healthcare professionals and patients across the region.

TMR® VASCULAR is the only instrument capable of acting on both the microcirculation repair process and the wound healing process.

The TMR® VASCULAR is indicated for the treatment of many vascular diseases and microcirculation, including:


Degenerative Microcirculatory Disorders

Diabetic Foot Lesions

Acute and/or Chronic Skin Lesions

Vascular, Arterial and Mixed Lesions

Vasculitis and Phlebitis Lesions

Post Surgical Wounds

Traumatic Injuries

Complicated, Neuropathic and Pressure Ulcers

Anti aging

Sexual Performance


Ease of use

No direct contact with any skin lesions

Acts on pain

Complementary to other treatments

Can also be used where there is a plaster cast, plaster splint or brace

Outpatient and home therapy

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