This innovative medical device is the result of Italian research and offers results of great importance in the anti-aging treatment and in that of very common degenerative diseases. It also presents itself as an interesting investment opportunity.

Press release: Milan (April 2, 2020) – THERESON Srl

Fortunately, not all brains are fleeing Italy. And when they come together the result is very often of excellence. A striking example is the TMR (registered trademark and acronym of Magnetic Resonance Therapeutic), an innovative medical device that provides great benefits for our health and well-being. The TMR is a 100% Made in Italy device, made by the Thereson company, the result of a long research and development work to which scientists of the caliber of Alberto Conti, an internationally renowned engineer and physicist and Vincenzo Di Donna, doctor known for her activities in the field of regenerative medicine, founding partner of Simcri (Italian Society of Regenerative Medicine and Surgery) and CEO of the company. The project, which thanks to its characteristics, has considerable potential, is open to investors.

Doctor Di Donna, what is therapeutic magnetic resonance imaging?
“Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance, or TMR, is a technology developed and used in the field of regenerative medicine. Based on the same principles as the well-known MRI (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), applied for many years with great success in the diagnostic field, it is a particular form of stimulation of biological tissues that takes place through low frequency and low intensity pulsed magnetic fields, based on a biophysical process widely validated in scientific literature. Its effects find an effective application in regenerative medicine, a branch that has as its main objective the repair of organs and tissues damaged by pathological events, aging or trauma, in order to restore or improve their biological functioning.

A field of great interest and relevance, therefore, whose potential convinced us to open the project to interested investors “..

What are the main physiological effects of this technology in the therapeutic field?

«In the field of regenerative medicine, when we speak of” regenerate “we mean” rebalance “. Physiological aging is linked to the slowing down of blood circulation and the oxidation, by free radicals, of our blood vessels, especially the smaller ones, which make up the so-called “microcirculation”. Something like 100 thousand km of blood vessels that run through our body and that TMR is able to rebalance, therefore regenerate. Specifically, there are four extraordinarily interesting biological effects for use in the regenerative field:
– Improvement of oxygen supply through reactivation of microcirculation
– Activation of the immune system with reduction of cellular inflammation.
– Action on protein synthesis.
– Stabilization of the oxidative balance with reduction of free radicals “.

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