Interview with Michela Cocchi Bianchi, international sales director of Thereson, a company born within the PoliHub of the Milan Polytechnic.

Press release: Milan (2 May 2020) – THERESON Srl

“Thereson has dedicated itself to clinical and scientific research, with the aim of demonstrating the efficacy of the treatment for the prevention, treatment and containment of vascular, chronic and systemic diseases, in particular diabetic foot ulcers, subsequently extending it to osteoarticular and musculoskeletal diseases “. With these words begins the beautiful interview of Doctor Michela Cocchi Bianchi who had the honor and the burden of narrating the “history” of an Italian and European biomedical company, which decided to invest in the development and diffusion of Resonance Therapeutic Magnetics, or TMR.

And it was the Italian edition of Forbes, the world’s most famous magazine on rankings, economic culture, entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and lifestyle to offer the opportunity to make the first medical device that implements the TMR® method extremely popular, starting to present it in Italy and abroad, thanks to the collaboration with qualified partners of Wound Care, of the Orthopedic sector and beyond.

“To achieve efficient and ever more performing results, it is necessary to build a team made up of experts in the various fields of expertise. I am very proud of the team of professionals who lead my company and in particular: From Dr. Vincenzo Di Donna, vascular surgeon, scientific director and CEO of the company who, through his passion and scientific initiative, transforms medical know-how into patient care. Dr. Paolo Branchi, Bocconiano and former Partner of Accenture, who performs the function of CFO, enhancing scientific know-how transforming it into financial value as well as implementing with his international experience the strategic global marketing plan. The lawyer with engineering studies Enrico Buffatti deals with intellectual property legal issues as well as following the aspects of international contracts and legacy”

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