Thereson for Chaaria Hospital in Kenya

Kenya, March 2019

“Dear Michela,
From November 2016 to today, a total of 312 patients belonging to the Cottolengo Mission Hospital of Chaaria have been treated with TMR therapy, suffering from 1st and 2nd degree burns and various types of chronic ulcers.
TMR treatment is associated with daily wound dressing and antibiotic therapy. A 30 ‘daily session is performed for 5 days / week.
Already after two weeks it has been possible to verify the effectiveness of the TMR treatment with a significant reduction in the size of the lesions, associated with a greater granulation of the tissue and a reduction in painful symptoms.
These very promising results have encouraged us to write a scientific work, currently in progress of data processing, which involved 60 patients suffering from chronic ulcers and burns, in order to demonstrate the real effectiveness of TMR treatment compared to common dressing techniques.
Best regards,
Brother Beppe Gaido

in photo Amnos, Patrick, Joseph

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