In the first phase of its life, where it was dedicated to research and development, THERESON availed itself of the collaboration of the best university research centres and hospitals in Italy and abroad, working closely with the leading experts initially in the field of Wound Care, and later in that of Orthopaedics.

Unlike many other companies which promptly chose a commercial path, THERESON firstly wanted to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of its products. Secondly it invested in strong relationships with professionals and patients, taking advantage of their feedback, adding value in terms of product and of customer service.

Today, with the strength gained from the results achieved in these years of work, THERESON has entered the market alongside the best partners in Italy for the marketing of its products. While on the one hand THERESON technology is used daily in medical facilities of excellence, on the other, the most important Italian commercial networks represent its products and are perfectly formed to illustrate its technology and to apply it to the patient’s needs.