THERESON was awarded the first prize “Start Innovation Award”.
This is recognition by ASSOBIOMEDICA, an Italian association representing Italian companies which provide Medical Devices to public and private structures within the field of Health Care.


Testimonies from those who have used DIAPASON®


It is really the right therapy for me.

P.W., San Cassiano, Alta Badia


The use of DIAPASON® put me back on my feet and given me back my normal life.

F.A., Roma


My mother had ulcers because she was bedridden for months. Our wound care specialist recommended DIAPASON and after a month of treatment the ulcers began to heal, after two months they were finally closed over.

M.A., Piacenza


After 10 days of treatment my pain was gone. Before I could not sleep at night, but thanks to DIAPASON® now I can!

B.M., Verona


I am very happy! I feel good and I think that my circulation has also improved.

F.P., Genova


The pain improved, I want my wife to try it, she suffers from rheumatic pain.

G.B., Pisa


I do not know what my doctor will think but after almost a year, with a short course of treatment, the pain disappeared!

A.G., Costa Masnaga


I had an open ulcer on my big toe for more than a year and after only one month of treatment with DIAPASON, the ulcer is healed

M.A., Como


The fractures recalcified perfectly. The specialists had forecast that I would use crutches for about three months but after two months I was able to stop using them to start the physiotherapy stage one month ahead of schedule.

A.B., Monza