Neuropathies cause damage to sensitive nerve endings, often in the feet, causing a reduction in sensitivity and in the perception of heat, cold and pain. Because of this sensitivity reduction, some patients may develop deformities and lesions due to the repeated micro-traumas of everyday life.

  • Sensory disturbances
  • Dryness and atrophy of the skin
  • Increased blood flow and oedema associated with an abnormal increase or reduction in transcutaneous oxygen pressure (TcPO2).
  • Numbness of the affected area and thick calluses in pressure points

There is little available data on neuropathic ulcers as neuropathy is often accompanied by other disorders and it is therefore categorised as a Diabetic Foot ulcer or a complex mixed ulcer. In Italy the prevalence of all forms of neuropathic ulcers is estimated to reach 4%, therefore since there are about 2,000,000 patients with ulcers in Italy, neuropathic ulcers affect around 80,000 people in Italy.