DIAPASON®, the device which integrates TMR® technology, can be used in clinic or autonomously by the patient at home, without the need for assistance from specialised personnel. Treatment with TMR® in fact does not require removal of bandages from the wound or removal of any brace / plaster and does not require any specific preparation.

All the controls are clear and maximally simplified to allow their use by all, regardless of whether or not a person is familiar with the use of technological tools.

The use of the device at home allows the patient to fully respect the treatment protocol, a determining factor in the patient’s recovery.

The therapy is administered in sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes, from one to four times a day, for a period varying from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the severity and type of condition, in accordance with the indications of one’s own doctor.

The system consists of a console and two mats that emit the pulsed electromagnetic field and for this reason are called “diffusers”. The largest is used for systemic or whole body stimulation, while the second, which is smaller, is used for local stimulation.


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