DIAPASON® is a device which delivers Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance (TMR®).

Internationally patented TMR® therapy consists in the exposure of patients, and in particular the area of injured tissue, to pulsed electromagnetic fields of specific forms and frequencies in order to activate and accelerate cell and tissue repair processes.

The effectiveness of TMR® has been demonstrated with basic research, with evidence in vitro, in vivo, and finally confirmed by clinical trials on patients. In particular, a halving of the healing time was observed, as well as an efficacy of the treatment in the long-term. The energy provided by the TMR®, in fact, improves cell metabolism, restoring the physiological conditions affected by the health condition. A reduction in inflammation was also demonstrated, resulting in pain reduction, as well as an improved mechanism of cellular replication, which is necessary to repair the injury.

TMR® is also able to reduce free radicals and, consequently, cellular oxidative stress, producing a statistically relevant increase in fibroblasts, with formation of the connective tissue matrix and of endothelial cells responsible for the formation of new blood vessels necessary to restore circulation in the damaged area of the wound.

In addition, further in vitro results confirm the ability of TMR® to stimulate the production of osteoblasts and osteogenic genes, a necessary process for the resolution of many orthopaedic conditions.

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