Joints are structures that join two bones and are formed by fibrous tissue and / or cartilage.

Joint stiffness involves a partial or total restriction of movement of mobile or semi-mobile joints. This type of condition has an impact on the patients’ daily activities, making bending and movement difficult and painful.

Pain in a man's body on a gray background. Collage of several photos with red dots

The stiffness may be continuous, associated with specific activities or appear only at certain times of the day. The most common symptoms are pain, inflammation, cramps and soreness. The joints naturally tend to stiffen with age but the causes of joint stiffness can still be numerous, including:

  • coexisting muscular, skeletal or neurological diseases
  • inflammation,
  • arthrosis,
  • certain types of arthritis,
  • repeated trauma (fractures, dislocations, sprains, etc.),
  • complications from an injury or surgery.

Treatment involves taking medication and physical therapy, including TMR®.

By reducing the inflammatory condition, treatment with Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance (TMR®) helps in improving conditions associated with joint stiffness. Moreover, by inducing an analgesic effect in the treated area, it relieves the associated pain.