What our customers say

I had an open ulcer on my big toe for more than a year and after only one month of treatment with DIAPASON, the ulcer is healed

M.A., Como

Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance

A different approach to the treatment of skin ulcers, wounds and bone injuries

Because of the complexity of standard therapies, patients and family members fail to consistently address the treatment of these disorders

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Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance (TMR®)

Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance allows therapeutic treatment at home, using a light, compact and easy to use medical device

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Who is it for?

TMR® treatment can be performed independently by the patient or with the help of health care professionals such as doctors, nurses and specialists

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Why choose THERESON treatment?

DIAPASON® allows for therapy at home, safely and without the need to travel daily to specialised facilities

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How does it work?

DIAPASON® visibly accelerates the processes of healing of skin ulcers and wounds and promotes repair of bone tissue

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How is it used?

The therapy consists of sessions lasting approximately 30 minutes, one or several times a day, for a period ranging from 3 to 8 weeks

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Italian excellence in the treatment of ulcers and wounds

Since its founding in June 2011, THERESON has coupled research and technological and scientific development with its entrepreneurial idea. THERESON believes that technology can be an additional aid for the care and treatment of acute and chronic health conditions. Each therapeutic medical device however must be designed in response to the specific needs of the...

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